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Lendmark Mortgage Brokerage Corporation is a private company incorporated under the laws of British Columbia, Canada.   Founded by Grace Brewster, Lendmark is a North American real estate finance consulting firm and a boutique licensed mortgage brokerage specializing in helping clients in commercial real estate projects loans and mortgage finance.  We provide acquisition financing and consulting services to a variety of commercial real estate clients. By leveraging our skill sets, relationships, and experience in the real estate finance industry - we become a highly value added component to real estate.  ​


Capital is a critical need for real estate and a key benefit of real estate ownership is the ability to enhance returns by utilizing leverage.  We have been involved in the  arranging of strategic financing of real estate acquisitions and the refinancing of properties owned.  Services have ranged from working through various real estate financing sources to identify optimal financing alternatives, to negotiation of loan terms and documents through managing the loan closing process. 


Lendmark™ is an independent registered mortgage brokerage in the Province of British Columbia with License #  X300234.  The founder is a license mortgage broker and REALTOR®.  Our network of lenders consists of Canadian and U.S. Commercial mortgage lenders.  Relationship within our network includes banks, credit unions, trust companies, life insurance companies, pension funds, private lenders, commercial mortgage conduits and other institutional real estate lenders and brokers in North America. 

We welcome referrals from license Mortgage Brokers and Realtors .  We will not circumvent the relationship with your clients.  We respect the business relationship!   



GRACE BREWSTER has over 25 years combined experienced in real estate and mortgage industry and in good standing with financial institutions commission

as licensed mortgage broker.









Tel. 604-241-8658

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401 - 8120 Jones Road, Richmond

British Columbia  CANADA V6Y 4K7

Email: info@lendmarkbrokerage.com

Telephone: (604) - 241 - 8658





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